Friederike Lydia Ahrens

Friederike Lydia Ahrens lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. She graduated in fine art at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (HfbK). She spent journeyman and master years as a potter and had several exhibitions at home and abroad. For many years she was a member of the Pegasus painting group, is regularly part of the Summer Academies Pentiment in Hamburg and dedicates herself with unflagging energy and passion to Placart.

She is fascinated by the spirit and expression of urban districts' identities and their aestethics of transience which she captures and transforms into an expressive, innovative and informal artform.

Walls have always caught her attention - from the charmingly morbid surfaces of Italy, the political placards in Chile to the most colorful in the Hamburger Hill and Karoviertel.

Aren't walls like human face ? They scream, they radiate peace and quite or are young or old. They are exposed to the weather. Above all, walls document humanity in words and images: desperate lovesick, dates of events, political correct and incorrect messages of sprayers.

Friederike recognises and appreciates the value of poetry of the streets and wants to conserve it and outsmart transience. She covers the whole range of street art techniques in her works and brings Hamburgs specific districts streetart from the public sphere into the private.

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